Alloy Saw Blade 125mm

Alloy Saw Blade 125mm

Discover the TORGWIN Alloy Saw Blade 125mm, the ideal choice for both professional woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts. Combining superior engineering with high-quality materials, our blades offer unmatched sharpness and durability for all woodcutting tasks. Competitively priced, TORGWIN ensures you get top-tier performance without compromising on value. Trust TORGWIN for precision, efficiency, and exceptional results every time.

Product Introduction of the Alloy Saw Blade 125mm

The Alloy Saw Blade 125 mm by TORGWIN provides exceptional cutting performance for woodworkers. Its sharpness and durability make it an ideal tool for precise and efficient wood cutting tasks. Whether you're a professional woodworker looking for a reliable blade to handle daily tasks or a DIYer working on a weekend project, this saw blade meets your needs.

Product Parameters of the Alloy Saw Blade 125mm

Diameter (mm)


Bore (mm)


Blade Thickness (mm)


Segment Dimension (mm)


Segment Width (mm)



Max rpm: 12000


HRA: 88.5-90


Wood cutting



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Product Features and Application of the Alloy Saw Blade 125mm

Sharp and Durable: the blade's sharpness ensures smooth and precise cuts. Its durability guarantees long-lasting performance, making it a reliable tool for all woodcutting needs.

High-Speed Compatibility: the Alloy Saw Blade is suitable for high-speed cutting applications with a maximum rpm of 12000. This makes it perfect for fast and efficient work.

Versatile Use: ideal for cutting a variety of wood types, this alloy saw blade delivers consistent results without tearing or burrs. Its design ensures clean and precise cuts every time, making it perfect for all your woodworking projects.

Production Details of the Alloy Saw Blade 125mm

Manufactured with tungsten carbide alloy tips and a high carbon steel body. This blade offers excellent wear and corrosion resistance. This ensures the blade's longevity and reliability, making it a valuable addition to any woodworker's toolkit.

TORGWIN Alloy Saw Blade is a high-performance tool designed for precision, speed, and durability. Its superior construction and versatile application make it an essential tool for both professional and DIY woodworkers.

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